• Rebellious daughter and concerned mother for @polerstuff

  • @polerstuff has been working really hard at building their new team. Meet the latest edition; camp site kitchen breakfast manager and co-ordinated, Gladis.

  • #badgirlcocoredux says screw international dog day maaan. Fuck the institution. And i said coco, that lackadaisical, freethinking, liberal additude is exactly why you’re unemployed, single and continuously napping. (Shot for @polerstuff )

  • Michelle Pezel (@antisocialshop) for @huckmagazine on stands now.

  • A closer look at the opening portrait of @antisocialshop for @huckmagazine and @levisskateboarding cause Michelle’s the best. Amirite?!

  • Behind the scenes with Madam @ganjjababy of @wednesdayjewellery on location w fashion icon Milhouse the Samoyed (he can be a little needy on set) for Howling Pup.

  • Some selected pages in the current @polerstuff communique. An in depth story about barn yard animals who care about staying warm. (No animals missed their dinner in the making of this photo)

  • Beanies in the barn yard for the @polerstuff communique